Frederik Paulus works in policy analysis, writes on economics, privacy and technology, plays around with data, and occasionally takes photos.

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Recent Articles

Pointers on successful e-government

A couple of weeks ago, at the traditional ProjectiveGroup end-of-year offsite in Riga, Florian Marcus) of Proud Engineers gave an interesting presentation on digitalisation in the public sector. Three key points struck me, and they are relevant for the corporate sector as well.

The day the streak died, or lessons in incremental progress

The streak didn’t survive my employer’s end-of-year offsite, as I feared. And yet, the streak absolutely achieved its aim.

What digital economy do we want?

Since “software eats the world,” distinguishing between a digital economy and a non-digital economy is no longer very useful. What characterises Big Tech by now is less their technological prowess, but rather their mastery of business and regulation.

Chennai rooftops (2018)