Frederik Paulus works in policy analysis, writes on economics, privacy and technology, plays around with data, and occasionally takes photos.

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Recent Articles

What digital economy do we want?

Since “software eats the world,” distinguishing between a digital economy and a non-digital economy is no longer very useful. What characterises Big Tech by now is less their technological prowess, but rather their mastery of business and regulation.

Three themes to build back better our economy

New growth sectors, higher wages and a comprehensive social safety net are the three themes we should focus on to build back better after the pandemic. Taken together, the aim is to transform our economy, triggering higher growth rates, sharing the prosperity that derives from it equitably, and ensuring no one is left behind.

Budget 2021: Usher in a New Economic Paradigm

Budget 2021 needs to needs to ensure the short-term survival of the economy, and more importantly, kickstart the transformation to an economy that fixes the major flaws exposed by the pandemic.

Chennai rooftops (2018)